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My Soul to Keep


Gun Violence has become a plague in America. 

Mass shootings and deaths by guns in this country have become commonplace.

As musicians,  besides voting, music can be our loudest, strongest voice.

Music can help us remember those we have lost and those who are forever impacted.

Music  is a bridge across all ethnic, social, racial & religious divides.

Music can heal.

Music can  help bring about the changes we so desperately need.

The time for change is now.

This music is free.

For everyone.


My Soul to Keep performed by the Auburn University Wind Ensemble

conducted by the composer Julie Giroux on October  27, 2019 at Auburn University.


My Soul to Keep for SATB Acapella Choir

My Soul to Keep for Concert Band and SATB Choir

My Soul to Keep for Concert Band and Soprano or Tenor Vocal Soloist

My Soul to Keep  performances can include audience participation.

This is the insert you would place in the programs. A 2nd conductor would be needed to let the audience know when to sing. Placing rehearsed singers in the audience would also be helpful.

My Soul to Keep SATB midi rendition.


The world premiere of My Soul to Keep will be on Sunday, October 13, 2019 at  

 The Plaza LIVE Orlando, 425 North Bumby Avenue Orlando, Florida 32803.

My Soul to Keep was Commissioned by the Lesbian and Gay Band Association, Central Sounds of Freedom Band, the Tampa Bay Pride Band, and South Florida Pride Wind Ensemble in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

The performance will be by the LGBA national convention band with Mendy Cumberledge as the Soprano Soloist.  The Band  & soloist will be conducted by Julie Giroux and David Triplett-Rosa will be conducting the Audience Choir & audience participants.

This music may be downloaded and performed at any time. 

Audience participation is encourage and parts are provided below to put in concert programs.

You will most likely need a 2nd conductor to let the Audience know when to sing.

Please share this page, this music, this message and this hope with as many as you can.

It is time to end gun violence. Forever.

An instrumental interpretive variation based on this work will also be added to this site before Christmas.

It will be approximately a grade 5 work with no vocal parts.


Music can heal.

Music can  help bring about the changes we so desperately need.

The Time for Change is now.

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