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The Speed of Heat

Commissioned by the USAF Academy Band

Lieutenant Colonel Larry Lang, Commander and Conductor


The Speed of Heat is a musical depiction of the adventures of an F-22 Raptor fighter pilot. Rambunctious and dare devilish in nature, this work takes the listener through a series of events which are all based on fighter pilot "slang." Even the title is pilot slang for Warp One, or very, very fast.


The opening is "The F-22 Raptor" itself and from there, we go on an adventure in musical sections as follows:

"Fangs Out" (measure 39)  When a pilot is hot for a dogfight.


"Lets Dance" (measure 52)Targets sighted and in active pursuit.


"Padlocked" (measure 115)To have a Bogey firmly in your sights &

"Beaded Up"  - Worried or Excited.


"Heater Shpanked" (measure 148) Heater is a heat seeking missile.

  Sphanked is soundly getting defeated in a dogfight & Flashbacks is the musical description of a pilot seeing his life flash in front of him in slow motion.


"NFOD" & "Punch Out" (measure 168)No Fear Of Death and Eject.


Back in a "Zoombag" (measure 211)After a near death experience, the pilot gets back into his "flight suit."


"The Speed of Heat" (measure 229) Lets just see how fast we can go.


Breaking the Sound Barrier (measure 294) in this section the brass represent the sound barrier and the woodwinds depict the raptor.

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