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A work for 6 Percussionists and Concert Band

This recording is actually of the dress rehearsal, which I prefer because Frank Wickes can be heard talking to the band about it briefly before the music starts and it always makes me smile when I hear him talk.



This work is a musical study of the nocturnal life of the Adult Human Species. African, Salsa and traditional Spanish rhythms in a modern mix are the driving force which features 6 percussionists as an ensemble with the band.


This piece consists of 3 distinct sections, the first called "Friday Night" is a hard driving techno salsa climaxing with a FFF drum passage which fades out to nothing. The 2nd section, "The Morning After" is a slow, traditional style spanish song in A-B-A form with the B section having more contemporary romantic progressions. The 3rd section, "Saturday Night" opens with traditional Salsa and African rhythms set to a swing beat. Primality ends with a recap of the original theme with quite a bit more "punch."


This is a very exciting work giving an excellent opportunity to feature a fine percussion section and 26 different percussion instruments.





Metal Bar or Large Triangle - Triangle (small)- 2 Shakers (Metal or Wood) - Guiro - Vibra Slap - High & Low Agogo's -Wood Maracas - Thai or Chinese Cymbal(may use Suspended Cymbal) - Ride Cymbal - Trash Cymbal - 1 Standard Xylophone( Three and One Half Octaves) - 2 Standard Marimbas (4 octave) - 1 Standard Vibraphone (3 octaves)- Snare Drum - 4 Drum Tom-Toms - Medium Congo Drum -Large Djembe OR Large Congo Drum - Timbale (Low) - Small Marching Bass Drum - Concert Bass Dr

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