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Composed for J. Julian

Commissioned by Consortium

Premiers at the

American Bandmasters Association

Annual Meeting - March  8, 2017

J is a single-movement work which reflects the artistry and the complexities of Dr. W J Julian. He was a man who advocated for and consumed the fine arts at every opportunity. He studied the classics, adopted modern compositions and promoted the music and music-making of his contemporaries with enthusiasm. He acknowledged his musical roots in country, bluegrass and folk music while finding all of the same authenticity in the music of Aaron Copland, Morton Gould, William Schuman, Vaclav Nelhybel and many more composers of every medium.


The listener will enjoy Julie Giroux's musical tapestry as she weaves elements of neo-classicism, modernism and a vernacular quality in a way that reflects the region of America where Dr. Julian was born and spent his career. The second part of the work contrasts the openness of the first section with an inspired, rhythmic quality and reflects an accessibility that is a remarkable reflection of a multifaceted, yet forthright gentleman who was honest, ardent and imaginative.

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