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Glenbury Grove

Grade 5  Length- 6:45 minutes


composed for

Takayoshi "Tad" Suzuki

and the

Tad Wind Symphony

Premiered January 15, 2010

at the Hokutopia Sakura Hall, Tokyo

For my friend Chris who left this world too soon.



  "Glenbury Grove"  is both a fictional and non-fictional place. Deep in the woods behind my home is a special place. A winding pebble and sand bottomed stream with crystal clear water weaves and circles throughout the forest. Sunlight reflects off the water from gentle streams of light that occasionally pass through the forest canopy of ancient oak and pine trees. My favorite spot along that stream is at a very sharp bend. So sharp is the bend that it almost creates an island in the middle. The oak trees there are massive and very little light gets through. The outer banks of the stream are tall, creating a natural amphitheater and the forest floor is covered by a rich green moss. The first time I went into that place the name "Glenbury Grove" whispered to me. I have no idea where the name came from, it just did and the name has stuck with me over the years.  I imagined it to be a place where anything could happen.


     At Glenbury Grove, if I waited long enough in silence, mystical creatures would make themselves known to me. Wood elves would pass by nearly undetected, fairies would flit about from flower to flower and occasionally, a unicorn would stop to drink at the water. It seemed that as I imagined things, they would appear. If I thought about an eagle, one would soon land on a nearby branch.

   One day, near dusk I dared to imagine somebody close to me that is gone now from this world. Nothing happened. Nearly dark now, I started to leave, hoping I didn’t offend the grove by wishing for something that could never come to pass. As I quietly made my way off the small island I turned and came face to face with the one I had wished for. He was a young man and looked exactly as I remembered him. Light reflected off his curly blond hair and his wide, contagious smile was at this moment, just for me. He approached me silently as I felt the warmth from tears running down my face. He reached his hand out to me and I dared to take it in my own. It lasted only a brief moment and then he was gone, faded into the shadows of nightfall. Slowly, I left Glenbury Grove filled with wonderment, peace and hope.

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