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Grade 5 - duration 9:00

Commissioned by the

Iota Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi for the


Georgia Tech Band


in honor of the band's Centennial Celebration

Donny Allen, Director of Bands



"HardDrive" is a programmatic work depicting life inside a computer motherboard. The inhabitants of this microscopic universe race its pathways, living life to its fullest. While most choose to live in customized folders in the hard drive, other more daring individuals choose to live elsewhere. International (computer to computer) travel or relocation is provided by the internet. Wireless is the preferred mode with the use of highly experienced "Wi-Fi Pilots."

     Musically, we travel their world through the Bus Host & Serial Controllers, ports, processors,  hard drive, sound card, video card  and finally, the power supply which is where Wi-FI Pilots and other extreme thrill seekers choose to live!

     HardDrive is constantly in motion exploring many textures combined with various rhythms, unusual techniques and dove tailed musical statements. Exciting from beginning to end, this work has the ability to stimulate both your ear and your imagination.

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