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Overture in Five Flat

Composed for the 2010-2011 Missouri All State Band

Sponsered by the Missouri Bandmasters Association

In Honor of Dr. Lowell Graham


The first page of the score sums up the nature of this pieceby stating:  "Quarter Note = "You've got 5 minutes." The piece is not in five flats but in the key of Bb and for the most part lays comfortably on the instruments. Exciting and virtuoustic, Overture in Five Flat even if not played in exactly five minutes should please audiences and players alike. If you do in fact end at the exact 5 minute timing, thats wonderful.

If you play it in under 5 minutes, well of course, you win! Towards the end of the score there is an increase in tempo. The rest of the tempos are for you to pick.

There is a slight hint at tempo in the cover art. Good  luck and may the force be with you.

Overture in Five Flat.jpg
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