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A grade 5 work

World Premier - Fall 2013

Composed for Dennis W. Fisher

and the University of North Texas Symphonic Band


Carnaval! is on the CD 

"A Few Notes Between Friends" 

Carnaval! (2013) is a vivid depiction of the excitement and energy of a Latin street Carnaval. During the Carnival season, an annual festival held prior to Lent, cultures all over the world celebrate with parades and street parties that feature floats, dancers, vendors, and street performers.  Giroux captures the activity and busyness of the Carvanal with a persistent rhythmic motor that travels through various timbres of the ensemble including many Latin percussion instruments. The ‘A’ section of the piece serves as an introduction to some of the motives or main characters. Utilizing vibrant orchestration and styling, each motive evokes images of brightly colored dancers dressed in lavish costumes. As the parade continues, the listener hears the characters interact with one another and the excitement builds as the tonal center starts to wander. The ‘B’ section becomes more homorhythmic and harmonious as if the crowd and the performers join together in singing. Attentions suddenly divert as the next group of dancers come through, interjecting quick flashes of color, forming the development section.  The development leads into a contrasting ‘C’ section that has a free and majestic texture, possibly illustrating the passing by of an enormous parade float. Familiar motives from the beginning return with slight variations followed by a brief coda. As the music accelerates, the rush of excitement and energy overloads the senses and brings the piece to a close.

Carnaval! was premiered by the University of North Texas Symphonic Band conducted by Dennis W. Fisher on September 24th, 2013


-Program Notes by Justin White


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