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Glorious Light

Dedicated to The Memory of

Beth Hansen Guilbeaux, loving wife and mother.

Program Notes:


Light. It is fascinating, life giving and a constant source of inspiration in art, literature, mythology, history and religion. Light versus Dark, Good versus Evil, and  Life versus Death. 


“Glorious Light” touches on just a few of light’s many miracles, small and large. The opening section is entitled “Light Dancing on Water”. Water is represented by a constant “shhhh” sound which all the other instruments dance upon enacting light sparkling on water. As the section progresses,  darkness enters the music and this sets the tone for the rest of the piece; the relationships and struggles  between light and dark. Near the end of the work, the opening section returns as “Souls Dancing in Light” which grows into the final bold statement of life bathed in eternal, glorious light. 

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