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Julie Giroux

Julie Giroux is best known as a composer for modern Wind Ensemble and Symphonic band music. Her television, film & video game credits date back to 1984 and continue to this day. Julie has received many prestigious awards over her career which includes Emmy Awards. 

She is an accomplished orchestrator, composer, arranger, clinician and guest conductor. Her music has been represented on hundreds of CDs and is played by concert bands the world over. Her Symphonic Band music is published by Musica Propria. 

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One Life Beautiful

Performed by the Musashino Acadamae

Ray Cramer Conducting

My Soul to Keep is a new work by Julie. It is free for everybody. Forever.
There are many different ways to perform the work including audience participation.

“One must surrender themselves to music, invest their heart and soul in it.
Only then, can they experience the truth of it.”

Julie Giroux